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One Piece of Advice

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica Rose posed this question to the tech crowd:What piece of advice do you wish you had been given when you entered the industry?— Jessica Rose (@jesslynnrose) August 7, 2017It's a great question. Previously, I had different answers depending what age range I was addressing -- one for middle school students, and another one entirely for college students. While the answers I've given have changed throughout my career, I think I can consolidate all the different versions into this one:Your interests outside of tech are valuable and make you a better engineer; don't give them up.— Julia Ferraioli (@juliaferraioli) August 7, 2017But why? Why is this the one thing I want to impart upon folks just coming into tech?Don't resent your workI see this a lot with interns or new graduates. They're so excited to get their first position that they throw everything into it. Many of us have heard tale of the genius whose code has stayed unchanged for as l…

The Last Seven Months

Around Thanksgiving last year (2016), I started battling some new medical problems that meant taking leave from work. I'll write about that experience at some point, I imagine, because I have some thoughts about it. However, I wanted to break my writing hiatus by chronicling some of what I've done in the intervening time. I had to get creative to keep the boredom at bay.BooksThe library's digital collection has been invaluable, especially when I couldn't get out of bed. These are some of the books that I read -- most in the last five weeks:FictionI had a reading list a mile long prior to leave, but I misplaced it. So thanks to a lot of recommendations from a wide variety of folks, I had a good selection of books to choose from. It's interesting to me how my tastes have changed over the last decade, but I enjoyed each of these for different reasons.
The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret AtwoodThe Heart Goes Last, Margaret AtwoodGathering Blue (audiobook), Lois LowryThe M…