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Containers & Compute Engine: creating Minecraft Roulette with Kubernetes

In the last few entries on creating a containerized Minecraft server, we created the container, launched the server, moved data to a volume, created regular backups of our world, took a look at customizing the server's properties, and updated changes to the container. Right now, our setup is pretty solid! So, let's get to that fun and impractical thing I mentioned that we'd be doing with Kubernetes.What we want to buildThis has been something that I've wanted to build for a while now, especially as I've become bored with my existing world(s). I thought that it would be awesome to create a way to join a random Minecraft world, with different players and different seeds. For obvious reasons, I've nicknamed this concept Minecraft Roulette.So, what does this entail?From the user's side of things, they should simply access their server the same way as always: through their client. However, with Minecraft Roulette, this will instead drop the user into a random wo…