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Saving the world: using persistent storage with a containerized Minecraft server

This is Part II in a series on running a Minecraft server in a container on Google Cloud Platform. If you missed Part I, make sure to glance over it for context.Last timeLast time, you took an existing application (a modded Minecraft server) and containerized it, using the Debian base image. You used a Google Cloud Platform container-optimized image to build our image and run the resulting container on Google Compute Engine (GCE). Along the way, you learned how to use docker run, you got familiar with the functionality and syntax of the Dockerfile, and learned how to pass and use environment variables with Docker containers.Persistent storageHowever, a major drawback of our setup was the lack of persistence: if the container went away, so would all of our progress in our Minecraft world. As serious Minecrafters know, the loss of even a few hours can set you back days. Containers are generally thought of and treated as ephemeral -- that is, containers based off of the same image can be…