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Running a Minecraft server on Google Compute Engine with Docker

I only started playing Minecraft a couple of years ago, and rage quit after I set my house on fire due to a misunderstanding of lava dynamics. It reentered my life when I saw an article on qCraft, a mod that incorporates elements of quantum physics into gameplay. From there, I discovered the amazing world of Minecraft mods, accompanied by YouTube videos and collections on imgur showing off creations.However, once you dig into some of the more extensive modpacks, you run into the unfortunate problem of setting your actual house on fire, sparked by your overheating laptop. So, my partner-in-Minecraft and I stopped hosting the world off of our laptops and moved it onto Google Compute Engine (GCE). We weren't running a complicated server, and our setup was even less complicated than the vanilla whitepaper detailed.As happens to many Minecraft players, the modpack we were using was deprecated, and we were faced with once again rolling out another server. We created yet another special …