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Engineering: a first run experience

My first job as a software engineer nearly drove me out of the field forever.Manyefforts focus on keeping girls and women interested in technology from elementary school through 4-year computer science programs in order to “fill the pipeline” with qualified female engineers. My all-women's education never dissuaded me from pursuing computer science, but that’s the exception to the norm. Education is but a sliver of a woman’s career.However, what happens after those women graduate and get their first job? What happens to those women in the pipeline? As Julie Pagano candidly states:“The pipeline is leaky and full of acid. The pipeline leads to a sewage treatment plant. The pipeline ends in a meat grinder.”I’d like to talk about one such meat grinder.The environmentMy first job out of undergrad was as a software engineer at a major company. When I joined, my immediate team was approximately 15-20 people, all of whom were male. Oddly enough, coming from the women-only environment of B…