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Of account settings, templates, and what comes next

Deep in the dark recesses of Google account settings is one we’d prefer to ignore. It’s one that gives those of us who live our lives online a way to bequeath our digital file cabinet to another. It’s the setting that I recalled -- in a blind panic -- at 4am on this past Halloween. Rewind
The cause for this panic? Well, it started over a year and a half ago in 2013, when I was slotted to attend OSCON. I flew into PDX, excited to attend workshops the next day. I had signed up for a data science with R workshop -- long before I started my flirtation with Julia. While I was unpacking, my back gave out, and I never made it to the workshop.

That event kicked off one of the best and worst years of my life (cue the Tale of Two Cities jokes).  My health kept deteriorating, in strange ways. It affected my ability to keep plans with friends, enjoy my life, keep up with day-to-day chores, and eventually my ability to do my job. I remember standing at my desk, staring at my screen, completely blanki…