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Evolving your hierarchy of developer needs: when things go wrong

Last week at APIStrat Chicago, I gave a new and improved version of my Hierarchy of Developer Needs keynote that I initially debuted at Glue Conference in May. That first version of the talk and blog entry addressed primarily how to go about identifying your developer and constructing your hierarchy. However, in this version, I dove into what can go wrong with your hierarchy, and how you can go about correcting problems that might arise. It's a hard subject, because no one wants to admit that their efforts haven't worked, or that they've actively harmed adoption of their API. This fear of failure can actually facilitate the decline of an API simply by failing to act.It's all very meta.Signs and symptoms of a problemAlex Williams asked: What are the warning signs of a problematic community?It's an excellent question. Are there metrics that we can put out there that can act as a distant early warning for an unhealthy community or hierarchy that misses the mark? The a…