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Do you even...?

What happened?Last Monday in Seattle I ran logistics for a monthly meetup. I secured the speaker, arranged the room, and secured us food. I wanted to make it an awesome event because I've enjoyed working with the technology in question and have even given a few talks on the subject. We had a lot of interest from the Seattle community, the speaker gave a fantastic presentation, and answered a bunch of great questions at the end. Good conversations were had.Towards the end of the event, my colleague +Amy Unruh, myself (who both work as engineers within Developer Relations), and the organizer stood just outside the event space doors. An attendee wanders our way and asks Amy and me if we "even understood what went on in there", gesturing at the speaker. He then went on to ask if "we even had a background in 'this stuff'" and making statements like "women don't like to ask questions when they don't understand the basics". He was told that w…