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Hierarchy of Developer Needs

Last week, I traveled out to Colorado to give a keynote at Glue Conference on the hierarchy of developer needs.Video: Slides:
It is a talk that I've wanted to give for a while, and what better place to debut it than one of the best developer conferences out there? However, as I rehearsed it, delivered it, and talked to developers afterwards, I realized that I had so much more to say than my slides and script allowed.MotivationsLet's address about the motivations behind this talk. I've been a part of various developer communities for my entire career -- I've been on both sides of the developer/API provider divide. Whether I was working on machine learning or mobile, the goals have always been the same:Come up a cool ideaDesign the systemHack it togetherWhen I first started out, "community support" meant a once-a-month post on a SourceForge forum, and very few of those posts were answers to questions. We've come a long way from those days, but we can do so m…

My sister made me an engineer

People, especially those of college age looking to go into engineering, frequently ask me about my path in life. They want to know what made me decide to pursue computer science, what led me to graduate school, and (of course) how I found my current dream job at Google. I can't begin to do these questions justice in one blog entry, but after spending a day and a half with bright, enthusiastic, inspiring young women at the Pacific Northwest Celebration of Women in Computing during which I answered a lot of questions along this line of thought, I'm giving at least part of it a shot.If you happened to be one of the people who reviewed my graduate application at any of the 10 schools to which I applied, this story might not be new to you.The computerI was extraordinarily privileged to grow up with a computer in my home. My father worked for IBM, and that meant that we were able to get a cast off computer once in a while. The earliest computer that I remember in our house looked v…