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Not for myself

This is the second time I've started this blog entry. I hope it's not the second time that I discard it as well, banishing these bytes with /dev/null, where discarded thoughts and code go to be obliterated. I've considered the ramifications of publishing it -- whether or not it would be good for my career, whether it was anyone's business, and if it would help anyone else that happens to stumble across these legitimized bytes. Well, here we go. A retrospectiveLast year was incredibly rough. I started it off flying home to Seattle from the east coast during the transition from 2012 to 2013, sick with a lovely antibiotic-resistant infection (which would come back to haunt me many times that year). It was the five year anniversary of a bittersweet, life-altering decision that I'll talk some point. I lost my two closest relatives within the span of six months, hurt my back (twice), and contracted mono.I pushed through it.Work on Google Cloud Platform inspired…