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Julia on Google Compute Engine: parallel programming

This is the third part of the Julia on Google Compute Engine (GCE) series. The first entry discussed how to set up Julia on a standard GCE instance, and the second walked through working with Google Cloud Storage from within a Julia program. In this entry, we'll be diving a little deeper into Julia, and talk about parallel processing.Setting up your instance (reprise)This is when your machine type matters a bit more. Now, GCE has basic, multi-core machine types, where the memory scales with the CPU count, but it has high memory, high CPU, and shared-core types as well. You want to pick the type that is most appropriate to your workload. For our experimentation, we'll assume that you're using a machine with four cores. To refresh your memory on how to create an instance through the Developers Console or the command line, take a look at the first Julia on GCE installation.We want a multi-core machine so that we can take advantage of the easy parallel processing capabilities …