Heading to OSCON 2013!

A few months back, I tallied up the conferences that I've attended, and I realized something shocking: I have never attended a conference as...an attendee! I've always spoken, presented posters, ran labs, volunteered, or recruited. While working a conference doesn't mean that you can't go to sessions or chat with fellow attendees, I find that there's a bit of a mentality shift that happens. My outreach slider gets cranked up to 11, usually at the expense of personal edification.

So, I'm excited to go to OSCON 2013 next week!
OSCON 2013
I'm not working the conference (though I'll be happy to talk shop if you want). My primary goals are to attend sessions, chat with folks, and see how I can help people build innovative, awesome, robust software. Google also has some great sessions about our technology, including those about the Google Cloud Platform.

App Engine has great representation, with an entire session about the new PHP runtime by +Amy Unruh and +Stuart Langley. I'm happy to see so much Go love, with sessions and office hours by +Francesc Campoy Flores  and +Johan Euphrosine. Keep an eye out for those sessions amongst others.

Today, I took the time to throw my schedule together -- or at least the one I'm aiming to keep. You'll note that there are some temporal difficulties with it, so I'm going to rely a bit on happenstance and serendipity to help me choose which sessions I attend. However, always feel free to waylay me with great ideas, questions, and brainstorming. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and connecting with old friends, in addition to being inspired by the sheer presence of so many intelligent people in one conference center!


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