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It matters now

The past six months have been heavily weighted on the loss side of the scale. I'll not enumerate who or why here; that's not the point. The point is regret.Following these losses, I'm left with -- aside from sadness, shock, and disbelief -- an overwhelming sense of regret. Sometimes, this regret stems from what I've said, but I can more often trace it back to what I left unsaid. I didn't tell them what they meant to me, because did the opinion of one person matter to them? I'd mention it when it came up. When it mattered.Well, it's too late. It will always be too late with that rationale.It matters now.To my familyI haven't deserved your love and support for as long as I've had it. In fact, I probably have only started to earn it rather recently. Someone should hold your capabilities for patience, tolerance, and forgiveness up as a template for families and warring nations alike. You stood by me when there was no light, and helped me even when I res…