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Misadventures in sleeping

My enemy, nighttimeStarting from a really early age, I had difficulties sleeping. Let's call these difficulties insomnia on steroids. I couldn't fall asleep, and when I did, there was no way I could stay asleep. It impaired my life so much, that I would frequently fall asleep at various points during the day out of sheer exhaustion.Words like narcolepsy were thrown around. Those sleeping pills that are supposed to be a temporary fix looked like they might become a permanent fixture.So, my parents did the reasonable thing, and took me for a sleep study. I got all wired up and was told to go about my normal routine. As if there's anything normal about tripping on wires connected to every square inch of you. I don't remember much about the actual study, except that thoughts like this is stupid kept drifting through my mind.REM sleep, absent visitorThe results came in. I didn't have narcolepsy or really any sort of definable sleep disorder. What I did have was an extra…

#obligatory 2012 review

There’s a reason that so many people write reflective blog entries at the turn of a new year. We find a need for closure at the end of the old year, to prove to ourselves that it wasn’t wasted, to show the world our accomplishments and failures. As I thought about why I see a flood of entries at this time of year, I realized that I wanted to write one too.I don’t think I’ve ever had a year that brought as much action as 2012 did.The goodI had moved to San Francisco towards the end of 2011, and promptly neglected to settle in at all. In 2012, I turned my awesome apartment into a home and made the big step into adulthood: buying non-Ikea furniture. I got to know San Francisco, with its great architecture, historic streetcars, sub-optimal coffee (sorry, Seattleite here), and most importantly, amazing friends. Work-wise, 2012 really brought it. I took every opportunity to practice and hone my presentation skills – and thanks to excellent coaching and advice, I think they’ve come a long way…