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JIT Marinated Mushrooms

I found myself in a bit of a bind come Christmas Eve. One of the family traditions is antipasto, which has a variety of definitions depending upon whom you ask. For the holiday, my antipasto is a collage of roasted peppers, gouda, marinated artichoke hearts, olives and marinated mushrooms. This year, the problem lay in the last ingredient -- I simply could not find them. I'm new to San Francisco, and apparently I went to all the wrong grocery stores.

Resigned to giving up and making my antipasto one ingredient short, I set about making my tomato sauce for the next dish. Unfortunately, my garlic was just a bit past its time, so I ran down to the grocery store to get some more at the last minute. Positioned right next to the garlic were the mushrooms! Apparently, my cooking is much influenced by fate, and I didn't ignore this sign. Here is the recipe for the just-in-time (JIT) marinated mushrooms that I will always make from this year on:


3 cloves of garlic3 tablesp…