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Migrating Wordpress to Blogger

My task of migrating my Wordpress blog to Blogger was surprisingly easy. I could have just started a new blog and used that one from now on, but I didn't want to maintain two forever, and I didn't want to have to keep upgrading Wordpress. I allocated half a day to complete the task, and couldn't believe that it only took 30 minutes.

The first thing you want to do is to export your Wordpress blog as a data file. I'd recommend going through and approving any comments you want to travel with you first.
Log into your Wordpress installationUnder Tools, click ExportChose the appropriate option, and click Download Export File
Save this someplace locally. You may want to sanity check by opening it and making sure that key posts are there.Now, you need to convert it to something that Blogger can recognize. The tool I used to do this was wordpress2blogger. Finally, you want to create a blog that uses this file. Go to Blogger and sign in with the account you want to useClick Create a…

done is good (the TODO list)

At Bryn Mawr College, twice a year our dorms had finals teas (or if your Hall Advisor was creative, final-i-teas) where everyone would sit down with some essential supplies. These supplies included construction paper, markers, glitter and candy. On the paper, we would list everything we had to do before the end of the semester, including finals, term papers, final projects, work at the library, TA sessions, and quite often low hanging fruit like packing to go home. Next to each task, we placed a piece of candy as a reward -- never as an incentive -- for completion.

So, in true Bryn Mawr College fashion, I'm going to make this TODO list a "Done is Good" list. There are a couple of differences between the TODO list and the Done is Good list that are important to note. The first and foremost one is that everything on the Done is completely non-optional, and this is how I want to view my list. The second is that I want to do everything on my list -- they are not mere chores!…

never a straight line (reprise)

Over the last six months or so, I have often wondered what I was thinking when I chose the title for my blog. I even considered changing it – to something clever, perhaps. What pertinence does the phrase “never a straight line” have to my life?

Turns out, quite a lot.

Come the middle of September, I will be moving to San Francisco to start a new job (details to come!). The decision to leave my previous job was incredibly difficult, especially after working with such talented, passionate people on a fantastic product. I spoke with family and friends before deciding, and even had long conversations with Jager about it (he growled a few times, but had no other advice to give). Ultimately, I made the decision to follow this new opportunity.

So my line is changing directions, yet again.

Before I completely change course, I have about a month and a half to reset. I’ll be traveling around the country to visit family and friends, starting in Philadelphia! Keep an eye out for my next entry, which …