DocuSign Hackathon, Day 2

After grabbing a few hours of sleep at a nearby hotel, I head back to DocuSign HQ for day two of the hackathon. Here are some photo highlights from the conclusion!

Sporting the Coffee and the Coffee Card

I run into Dave Grigsby in the entryway, showing off his VIP coffee card.

Artem from Factual

Artem from Factual, a sponsor of the hackathon, gives a talk on the basics of the Factual service and API. After this, the hackers get back to coding and the photo documenting goes on hiatus.

Closing Ceremonies

Once all entries are submitted, hackers gather to drink beer and socialize at the close of the event.

Final Idea Board

The idea board is full of great concepts, and our hipster hacker has had his Mac graffitied with the Windows logo.


This DocuSign employee demonstrates what we all feel by collapsing on the floor in exhaustion.

A few of us stay till nearly midnight, cleaning up the aftermath of a great time hacking. Awards are due to go out on Monday, so stay tuned for that report!


  1. Thanks for taking time to capture my sbux's passion. Thanks for all your efforts to make the DocuSign Hack-a-thon and summit a success!


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