DocuSign Hackathon, Day 1

Oh wow. We're onto day two of the DocuSign hackathon held in San Francisco, and day one was awesome! I'm really loving the apps being developed -- people are coming up with innovative applications of the DocuSign API. Here are some highlights from day one.

Breakfast at the Hackathon

Setting up breakfast for the hungry hackers. Starches and coffee is a must.

Blank Idea Board -- Tabula Rasa

Mike B's excellent drawing for our idea board, awaiting the brainstorming of our attendees. The glasses are hipster chic.

Wald Bros and JD, DocuSign genius engineers

The DocuSign engineers are getting caffeinated and hydrated in preparation for hacking up their own projects. These guys know the API in and out, so it's good that they are out of the running for the competition!

Opening speeches

The hackers listen attentively to Mike B, Grant P and Jeremy G give the opening talks.

Jeremy Glassenberg from

Jeremy Glassenberg from talks about the extensibility of as an enterprise platform and easy consumer app (sorry for the blur).

Steffen Frost and his awesome t-shirt

Had to snap a picture of Steffen's t-shirt. Geek-tastic!

The hacking got serious, and I wandered around lending a hand. Stay tuned for day two!


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  3. Really glad to be there =D


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