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Report from the API Outlook for 2011 Meetup

This blog entry was actually written last week, but due to being slapped down by the flu, I haven’t been able to post it until now. Sorry!
Two weeks ago, I went down to San Francisco to attend a meetup at Apigee HQ. The theme of the meetup was API Outlook for 2011, and had four great speakers to address the topic. I was lucky enough to secure an early RSVP – apparently there was a waiting list, as the event was capped at 50 attendees.
First up was Andrew Mager, a developer advocate for SimpleGeo. According to Andrew, an awesome API is accessible, open and fast. Make authentication simple for your users, as it is one less barrier that they would need to overcome. As for cultivating a developer community, Andrew emphasized keeping an eye on the pulse of your community through tools such as CoTweet, holding “office hours” and communicating downtime or changes.

Dan Hobbs presented lessons learned from engineering the CNET API. CNET allows consumers of their API to specify how they want their…